Repair Services

Air Climate Systems specializes in electronic cell repair and duct mounted air cleaner repair for customers nationwide. The cell repair service at our location is the largest and most qualified available. We are an endorsed repair center for Honeywell, Emerson, Trion, and Friedrich, and most comparable brands. Electronic cell repair and adjustment is an important procedure and assures you that your air cleaner is operating at its peak performance. Electronic cells should be expertly cleaned and adjusted every 6-10 years.


Do Your Electronic Collecting Cells Have;

                               Loose or Wavy Collector Plates

Sticky Note Corner

       Broken Ionizer Grill

                              Missing or Loose Ionizer Wires

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      Deteriorating Insulators

                             Burned or Worn Contact Boards

If your cells are exhibiting any of these symptoms, they are not working properly and need our cell repair service.

Repair Service Includes:
  • Cell Cleaning
  • Frame Adjustment - end plates, side plates, and core rods
  • Contact Board - contact adjustment
  • Collector Plates - check spacing and attachment
  • Voltage Test - both sections



     $60.00 per cell *

     * Parts extra if needed - such as ionizing wires, contact boards, and insulators.

Return your defective cells to us - or call our TOLL-FREE number: 1-800-292-7733. Air Climate Systems will pick your cells up for a nominal fee.

Electronic Cell Cleaner Concentrate


KWIK DIP A Cell-$aver Product

Outstanding - Because:

  • It's Reusable
  • It's Non-Acid
  • It's Low Foaming
  • Biodegradable
  • Case = 4 ea. One gl. Btls

      $24.50 per gallon